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AYSC Field Maps (East & West)
For those teams that have games at the Antioch Youth Sports Complex (AYSC), there are two sides of this complex. The East field are E1, E2, E3, and E4. Those will be for U10s through U19s. The West fields are A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. These are the U6 and U8 field. AYSC #G is a U10 field. There are permanent bathroom facilities on both sides.

Here are the links to the field maps.
* AYSC West Soccer Fields
* AYSC East Soccer Fields

Chris Gaughan
7/27/16 5:52 PM

2017 Board Nominations
Board nominations for the 2017 playing season are now being accepted. Each board member must be elected annually by a majority of the membership. The Annual General Meeting will be held this year on Wednesday, December 7th.

All members are eligible to run for any board position, provided they meet the minimum requirements for the desired position as stated in the DYSL Bylaws. The link to our bylaws can be found on the website's home page.

Anyone who desires to run for a position should contact Lisa Zamora by email at The deadline is November 1st at 5:00 pm. Please provide the name of the member and the position you desire to run for. Each member will be given an opportunity to speak to the membership on election night.

All Directors shall serve for a period of one two (2) calendar years following the Annual General Meeting.

The two-year term will begin in calendar years ending in even numbers for the following offices: President, Secretary, Registrar, Comp Registrar, Equipment Director, Girls League Director, Referee Director, Fields Director, and U6 Director. The two-year term will begin in calendar years ending in odd years for the following offices: Vice-President, Treasurer, Assistant Registrar, Competition Director, Training Coordinator, Boys League Director, Special Events Coordinator, TOPSoccer Director, and U8 Director.

If you have an interest in serving but would like more information feel free to contact any existing board member to discuss the various requirements for each position. Thanks.

Jim Bonwell
10/18/16 12:27 PM

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