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DYSL Practice Soccer Fields

Below are the practice field assignments from the Delta Youth Soccer League. Check with your coach for practice time or if your team is not listed.  Click on the field name for location.
*To be Determined*
  Mon/Wed Antioch Middle School Boys To Be Determined Boys School 555-1212
Almondridge Park
  Mon/Wed Destroyers Shanell Bagno Boys U14 925-550-4770
Antioch Community Park #1
  Tue/Thu Delta Sporting 97 Vladi Hernandez Boys U18 925-513-6062
  Mon 5:00 - 7:00 pm Delta Venom 05 Jesse Ponce Boys U11 925 303-5532
Antioch Middle School
  Mon/Wed Antioch Middle School Girls To Be Determined Girls School 555-1212
  Mon/Wed Team 602 Daniel Ayala Boys U14 510-375-4679
  Tue/Thu Team 501 Marisol Torres Boys U12 925-497-4054
  Tue/Thu Team 702 Roberto Diaz Boys U19 925-243 5947
AYSC East Soccer Field #1
  Mon/Wed Delta Force 00 Chris Gaughan Girls U17 925-437-9170
  Tue/Thu Delta Firestorm 97 Juan Martin Girls U18 778-6783
AYSC East Soccer Field #2
  Tue/Thu Delta United 99 Conrad Diaz Boys U16 925-366-5901
  Tue/Thu Delta Barcelona 98 Jose Medina Boys U17 925-759-2146
AYSC East Soccer Field #3
  Mon/Wed Delta Quakes 00 Mike Rodriguez Boys U15 925-732-2729
  Tue/Thu Delta Diamonds 00 William Minyard Girls U16 755-2540
  Tue/Thu Delta Arsenal 98 Julio Cardoza Girls U17 925-754-7225
AYSC East Soccer Field #4
  Delta Dynamite 07 Octavio Diaz Girls U10 925-595-7600
  Delta Magic 01 Cary Kawalkowski Girls U14 625-3276
  Mon/Wed Delta Mavericks 02 Joe Workman Boys U14 650-291-0964
  Tue/Thu Delta United 02 Tom Larsen Girls U14 510-915-7505
AYSC Soccer Field A
  Mon/Wed The Lightening Sharks Noah Smith Boys U6 925-818-8689
  Mon/Wed Burgundy Bulldogs Terry Burkett Boys U6 925-848-4126
  Mon/Wed Mermaids Jesus Martinez Girls U6 925-209-9872
  Tue/Thu Delta Sharks Tony Mendez Boys U6 925-759-7204
  Tue/Thu Blue Sharks Douglas Tucker Boys U6 925-698-8481
  Tue/Thu The Pink Panthers Glenn Kimball Girls U6 415-307-6930
AYSC Soccer Field B
  Mon/Wed Rumbling Rhinos Patricia Rivas Boys U6 925-642-6339
  Mon/Wed Ninjas John O'Connor Boys U6 925-234-0810
  Tue/Thu Rhinos Kevin Beckstrand Boys U6 360-994-0083
AYSC Soccer Field C
  Tue 5:00 - 7:00 pm TOP SOCCER Jim Albert Girls TOPSoccer 706-7789
AYSC Soccer Field D
  Mon/Wed Purple Unicorns Fermin Soriano Girls U6 925-237-0973
Belshaw School
  Mon/Wed Team 403 Paul Ibarra Boys U10 925 354 6556
  Tue/Thu Team 407 Eric Ragan Boys U10 925-597-8296
  Tue/Thu Team 507 Ricardo Cabrera Boys U12 925-565-0365
  Tue/Thu Team 704 Paul Ibarra Boys U19 925 354 6556
Black Diamond Middle School - Lower
  Mon/Wed Black Diamond Middle Boys To Be Determined Boys School 555-1212
Black Diamond Middle School - Middle
  Tue/Thu Black Diamond Middle Girls To Be Determined Girls School 555-1212
Country Manor Park
  Mon/Wed Team 406 Rich Avila Jr Boys U10 925-978-7640
  Mon/Wed Team 700 Richard Avila Boys U19 925-754-5294
Dallas Ranch Middle #2 (rear)
  Mon/Wed Delta United Betty Tran-Redman Boys U12 (925) 777-9281
  Tue/Thu Team 405 Sherri Thompson Boys U10 925-683-0398
  Tue/Thu Team 601 Russ Burror Boys U14 925-783-2335
Dallas Ranch Middle (track)
  Mon/Wed Dallas Ranch Middle Boys To Be Determined Boys School 555-1212
  Tue/Thu Dallas Ranch Middle Girls To Be Determined Girls School 555-1212
  Tue/Thu Real Delta FC Leon Hall Boys U19 916 549 3815
Dallas Ranch Park
  Mon/Wed Thunder Boys Michael Dominguez Boys U10 (925) 250-1368
  Mon/Wed Delta Explosion Claudio Basso Boys U12 925-628-6094
  Tue/Thu Team 504 Tobin Moon Boys U12 925-457-0552
  Tue/Thu Delta Sharks Michael Dominguez Boys U14 (925) 250-1368
Eagleridge Park
  Mon/Wed Raiders Eddie Giffin Boys U12 925-250-4637
Gentrytown Park
  Mon/Wed Team 506 Juan Reynoso Boys U12 925-203-0748
Mira Vista Hills Park
  Tue/Thu Lady Revolution Jamie Collins Girls U12 925-978-4143
  Tue/Thu Purple Lady Bugs Jamie Collins Girls U8 925-978-4143
Mira Vista Park
  Mon/Wed Los Galacticos Evan Lopez Boys U19 (925) 238-4779
  Tue/Thu BlackOut Andrew Varves Boys U19 925-642-9180
Nelson Ranch Park
  Tue/Thu Team 400 Jessica Adin Boys U10 925-219-2137
  Tue/Thu Team 401 Frances Robinson Boys U10 925-727-8624
Park Middle School
  Mon/Wed Park Middle School Boys To Be Determined Boys School 555-1212
  Tue/Thu Park Middle School Girls To Be Determined Girls School 555-1212

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