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There are NO DOGS ALLOWED AT AYSC. We are love our pets please leave them at home AYSC is not a Public Park. It is there for our kids.
Rodney McClelland
8/10/15 10:50 AM

AYSC Parking Lot
Please be aware that cars are going to be towed and/or ticketed for being illegally parked at AYSC.

Over past few weeks we have witnessed people speeding in parking lot please remember our children are walking to and from parking lot. Slow down!

Rodney McClelland
8/21/15 11:25 AM

Do Not Be THAT Coach - Handball Guidelines
Do you yell "HANDBALL!" or "COME ON REF!" every time the ball hits an arm? Do you turn to your parents/sideline, throwing up your arms making comments about the ref's eyesight or competence, or saying things like "How did he NOT see that?"? or "He must be watching a different game to the one I am watching?"?

Click HERE to read an excellent article on the misunderstood rule that is 'Handball'.

Chris Gaughan
12/2/14 6:59 AM

Printing Match Reports Prior to Your Game
Match Reports, which replaced the old game cards, need to be printed prior to the game. The home team coach should print three copies, one for themselves and two for the referees. The visiting coach should also print a copy for their own reference and in case the home team coach forgets to bring their copies.

The Match Report can be accessed from the DYSL Administrator Functions menu under the Reports menu - Match Reports. Open the Match Reports and click on the icon on the far right of your game schedule to open the Match Report and print the copies needed. A reference document is attached below.

File: DYSL Website How-To Guide.pdf
Kevin Locklin
8/12/15 9:32 AM

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