Refund Policy

DYSL realizes that lifehappens and interests change. We have developed this refund policy to explain the process one has to go through to get the maximum refund. The first thing you must do is comlete the refund request form with as much information as possible. Completing the form will generate an email to the appropriate Board member who will start the process of getting you your refund. If you have already been assigned to a team, you must contact the coach and inform them so they can return any registration form back to the registrar.

Below are the maximum refund amount based on the date you submit your refund request. The email will be date time stamped.

  • Before June 15th – Full Refund
  • Between June 15th and July 15th – Amount paid less $25.
  • Between July 16th and August 15th – Amount paid less $50.
  • After August 15th – No Refund
Competition League Policy

Due to the nature of the year-long commitment and limited rosters, refunds will be considered only in extreme circumstances. Many expenses are paid by the club up front (league fees, player fees, admin fees, field costs, etc). Once a player registers for a competitive team, the club makes financial commitments for that player to participate for one full year. If you are requesting a refund due to an extreme hardship, please submit a refund request form with details of your situation. The Comp Director will review your request with the Board committee, which will make a determination on a case by case basis for refunds of club fees. There are no refunds for team fees.

The online refund request form can be found at

Please allow at least 3 weeks for your refund check. Depending upon when your request is received, many of the volunteer Board members may be busy working on other league business

DYSL Board of Directors