TOPSoccer began in 1991, designed and administered by US Youth Soccer, the nation's largest youth sports organization and its volunteer TOPSoccer Committee, to provide meaningful learning, development and physical participation opportunities to these young athletes through the game of soccer. There are thousands of children with disabilities who need, and can be provided the opportunity to play soccer through TOPSoccer. That opportunity exists for these athletes to achieve, develop and compete according to their individual abilities. A whole new world awaits these children by the efforts of people like you, reaching out to bring them into the soccer family.

What is TOPSoccer?
TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community based soccer program that is designed to meet the needs of children aged 4-19 years with physical and/or mental disabilities. The program is geared toward player development rather than competition. Athletes are placed on teams according to ability NOT by age.

Why TOPSoccer?
TOPSoccer furthers US Youth Soccer's mission of fostering the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of America's youth through the sport of soccer at all levels. In short, TOPSoccer takes kids from the sidelines to participating in the game. Ask the parents or participants of TOPSoccer and you'll understand why TOPSoccer.

What is the TOPSoccer parent's role?
You will need to provide transportation to and from all practices and games ensuring that the player is prompt not only in arriving but also in departure. Please also stay and watch practices and games and lend your support in a positive manner. Always ensure that your child is dressed and brings appropriate equipment to all games and practices. Parent's should also provide necessary information to program administrator's and coaches that will enhance your child's experience and progression in the program.

What a parent should expect from the program

  • It will be a fun and meaningful experience for you and your child
  • The game and activities shall be adapted in ways that will ensure your child learns at his/her own pace.
  • Practices and games will be organized.
  • TOPSoccer will improve the overall fitness, self-esteem and social skills of your child.

What are the benefits of TOPSoccer for my child?

  • You child will develop a sense of belonging to a community and will learn the value of being part of a team
  • Improvement in self-esteem, fitness and social skills.
  • Success based on ability
  • FUN!